Friday, July 2, 2010

careful malaysian!

a middle age about early 40's , man, muar, admitted to hospital muar in complain of heamaturia(kencing berdarah)
it happened that, the guy is my neighbour.
was told by his housewife that  they rushed to the hospital as they were shock to find that his urine is believed to contain stain of blood.
later the doctor confirm it's kidney failure.

sign and symptom
reported to have a tingling sensation on both his limb
pretty bad coughing

my diagnosis
supposed when it involved heamaturia,numbness i bet its diabetes but still need to be proved by clincal exm thoroughly
another diagnosis would be heart..heart failure,loss blood supply to kidney,kidney!

however both of these diseases  come with totally a different presentations.if it happened to be heart failure, the unlucky patient might have swelling in his extremies; other would be a sign of cynosis i guess.
things are different in Dm.normally when it involved the kidney,somehow its not a gud sign and not even a gud  thing to tell the patient.DM and kidney.the involvement of kidney is the sequale of it.the tinggling n numbness even worst..its neurophaty things

i bet its DM..nauzubillha.this's just me pretending to have a real case..tapi tak salah klu nak amek langkah berjaga2 kan?
know what Malaysian?
Assuming just 40% of the population (estimated at 25 million) are 30 years and above, we should have at least 1.6 million adult diabetics in this country now.that's pretty big number isn't it?that we must agree that this sobering info is indeed prove that our nation's health is at stake.

 ni antara tanda2 kencing manis(the friendly name of DM-diabetes melitus) the sad thing bout this is people tend to reliaze they're on the thread only after the irreversible state already set in.even people once stated 'an apple everyday keeps a doctor away' berjaga2 dalam pemakanan kte.bersederhanalah itu lbh baek.

Tanda-tanda AWAL ditimpa KENCING MANIS
1. Kerap membuang air kecil
2. Berat badan yang menurun
3. Sentiasa merasa lapar
4. Sentiasa merasa haus dahaga
5. Letih yang tidak menentu
6. Pandangan semakin menjadi kabur

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