Tuesday, June 21, 2011


in the name of Allah
the most gracious the most merciful

You have one family
For good or bad..

You have one family
You can't trade them in..
You can't lie to them.
You can't run two at once,substituting back and forth..

Sticking with your family is what makes it a family..

-For one more day-
Mitch Albom

to me it's all about love..
love to whom you grateful the most
love to whom u can share your joy,your pain and your sorrow
love to whom stand by ur side when others not
love to whom cared u the most..
that makes my family..

What makes yours?

"rabbir firli wa liwalidayya war hamhuma kama rabbayani shoghira.."


bella said...

rindunye kat ayah kite..huhu...happy tgk family awk :)

shahira ismail said...

...semua family best bell..suma ade kesah tersendiri=)sesama hadiahkn al fatehah kat pakcik.kem salam mak bell^^,